Hello my name is Samantha and I am 3 years old. I love playing with the computer, so my mommy made me this web sight so I can go to my favorite things when I want to. I hope you have   lots of FUN.

Nice BIG buttons to make it easier for the little ones.

The Disney Channel
PlayHouse Disney
NickJr The kidz Page
Barbie page Crayola.Com
Warner Bros.com PBS Page
Kids Corner

Learn about the Rain Forest

Kids Domain

Down load games. On line games. Crafts


Learn about Eagle's

Kid's Page

Learn about water cycle,wetlands,& endangered species.

The Magic School Bus

Fun things for you to do.

Chritmas Page
The Play House

An American Tail

Land Before Time

kids Farm
Aunt Annie's Crafts

This section of the page is for the older kids.

Learn about the Nine Planets

The Galaxies

Exploring The Planets

Our Solar System